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Laser therapy LANAP represents a novel treatment modality used by some periodontists in the treatment of gum disease and other periodontal problems. While current research does not support laser treatment for all forms of gum disease, it has not been shown to be very beneficial with certain cases for surgical and non-surgical treatment.

The Consensus Statement on LASER THERAPY determined by extensive study of randomized clinical trials, has been advanced by Board-Certified members of the American Academy of Periodontology. The examining body has determined that laser surgery offers NO significant clinical advantages over conventional gum treatments alone or in combination:

In patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease do lasers used alone or as an adjunct offer better clinical outcomes than Scaling and Root Planing alone?

Lasers offered a very slight advantage in deeper gum pockets >7mm
In gum pockets <7mm, lasers offered no additional improvement.

In patients with peri-implant disease, do lasers used alone or as an adjunct offer better clinical outcomes than Scaling and Root Planing alone?

  • No controlled studies were identified for laser use around inflamed or diseased dental implants.
  • No substantial evidence suggests there is any clinical benefit of laser use around dental implants.

Periodontal Clinicians should be cautious in setting patient expectations for outcomes of laser treatments that have not yet been rigorously evaluated.

  • Evidence is limited and contradictory with respect to whether pain and discomfort are reduced with laser-assisted therapy in place of Scaling and Root Planing.
  • Evidence is equivocal with regard to a tissue regenerative capacity being achieved in humans with laser use.
  • Insufficient evidence is available to project what surface alterations might occur to an implant when using lasers.
  • Insufficient evidence is available to support laser use alone in the maintenance of failing implants.
  • Long-term outcomes have NOT been well established following laser therapy and regular maintenance care for treatment of periodontal and implant diseases.
  • No current evidence supports the use of lasers on healthy sites in order to suppress reservoirs of bacteria.
  • Consensus opinion indicates use of lasers in healthy sites could cause harm rather than benefit.
  • If lasers are not used according to proper protocols, damage can occur to teeth, dental implants, and surrounding tissues.
  • Laser use resulting in overheating of a tooth or implant is likely to be impacted by the type of laser and protocol employed.

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Dr. Bramanti is a Board-Certified Periodontist and does not employ Laser Therapy in his practice as it offers no significant clinical benefit compared to conventional periodontal treatment methods. As a Dentist-Scientist, UCSF professor, and clinical educator, Dr. Bramanti is constantly studying the scientific literature in an effort to bring the vanguard of care and highest professional standards to his patients. Since the scientific and clinical community do not soundly validate the use of Laser Therapy, Dr. Bramanti does NOT currently recommend or endorse the use of Laser Therapy for the treatment of periodontal and implant disease.

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If you feel you have been injured by Laser Therapy, or the treatment results have been ineffective, contact Dr. Bramanti for a consultation so he can assist you with your condition and recommend treatment supported by the scientific and clinical literature.

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