​Thomas E. Bramanti, D.D.S., Ph.D.

Board-Certified Diplomate American Board of Periodontology/Implant Dentistry

Board-Certified Diplomate American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry

​Certified TMJ Expert, The Pankey Institute 

Fellow American Academy of Implant Dentistry
Clinical Assistant Professor at UCSF in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Clinical Assistant Professor UCSF-Fresno Medical Education Program, School of Medicine

If you have an area of gum and bone deficiency that looks unsightly, contact Dr. Bramanti for a consultation so he may review the treatment possibilities available for you bring back a natural beauty to your smile.

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What is a Ridge Augmentation?

A ridge augmentation is an advanced periodontal procedure performed to increase the width and or the height of deficient bony ridge and gums that have resulted from tooth loss.

The ridge contour augmentation can be made with:

  •  Soft tissue only
  • Hard tissue only
  • Hard tissue and soft tissue combination 

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Contour Augmentation

Bone grafting following tooth loss can preserve the socket/ridge and minimize gum and bone collapse. There is less shrinkage and a more aesthetic tooth replacement for either an implant crown or fixed bridge around the replacement teeth.

Sometimes after an extraction, a sunken spot or concave appearance will develop in your gum line. This looks unsightly and can also jeopardize the appearance of a bridge that goes over the area. Bone grafting material can be performed under the gum to fill out this depression. Ridge contour augmentation can also be used to build up an area of bone so that a dental implant can be placed. With the skillsets and experience Dr. Bramanti brings to your health, his ridge contour augmentation will provide the natural beauty you desire, but more importantly, the assurance of long-term stability of the augmented gum and bony tissues.

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Esthetic Ridge Augmentation

Tooth loss causes the jaw bone to recede and can lead to an unnatural looking indentation in your gums and jaw, and appearance of a general aging. The original look of your mouth may not be recaptured because of spaces remaining under and between replacement teeth and bridges. They may appear too long compared to nearby teeth.

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