Dr. Thomas Bramanti is a periodontal specialist offering community-wide access to his private practice in Fresno  in order to serve those patients seeking clinical excellence. The dental profession allows general dentists to perform implant procedures without the benefit of 3-6 years of surgical specialty training. In a rush to begin placing implants, dentists have tried to sidestep years of specialized training with a weekend class or mini-course. Numerous complaints have been filed with local dental societies and in malpractice actions due to inadequately trained dentists causing injury and deformity resulting from implant failure. Unfortunately the public has not been made aware of the injuries caused by poorly trained dentists who continue to cause harm. Driven by a climate of economic decline, dentists have tried to hasten implant placement by skipping essential treatment steps and using cheaper quality materials. 

Due to this travesty of injury, jaw deformity and disregard for scientifically proven approaches to implant placement employed by the dental community at large, Dr. Bramanti has opened his practice to the entire community of the San Joaquin Valley. He has lowered the cost for implants to permit many people who may not believe they could afford implant treatment or make it a reality in their lives.  It is his heartfelt desire to help people make sound choices for their implant needs and guide them to the best lifelong treatment solutions.  

Dr. Bramanti's scientific approach to surgical care honors the principles of God’s given biology, never compromising the necessary clinical steps, and leads to an outstanding proven record of implant success and sustainability. Dr. Bramanti brings to everyone he serves a sanctuary of wellness and clinical excellence for lifelong success.

Many dental offices offer a free consultation visit as a "lost leader" to get patients in the door, only to sell them additional treatments or assign unforeseen costs. Most patients feel hijacked and misled by this marketing approach. A consultation with Dr. Bramanti costs $125 and includes a panoramic x-ray and as many visits as necessary to help you make the best decision as you to look to the horizon of your health. 

Dr. Bramanti believes everyone should be entitled to an open and honest cost assessment for proposed treatment. No hidden fees. No surprises. 

          Implant System:

                                     AstraTech Osseospeed EV Dental Implant

                                     AstraTech Implant cover

           What is not included:

                                     Crown made by general dentist (fee range $1200-$1500)    

                                     Implant denture made by general dentist (fee range $4000-$8000)

                                     Cone-beam CT Scan (if needed) ($250-$400)

                                     Panoramic x-ray ($100)

                                     Extractions and bone grafting (if needed)

                                     Soft tissue grafting (if needed)

                                     Stereolithic surgical guide (if needed)

Traditionally dental implants have been priced at 2X the cost of a crown or 3X the cost of an implant denture. Due to Dr. Bramanti's exceptional clinical skill and 30+ years of implant experience, he has endeavored to reduce the cost of a dental implant below the cost of a crown. It is his hope and expectation that more people will be able to afford implant dentistry by reducing surgical costs and thereby allowing more funds available for restoration of the implants. In this way, dental implants may become available for everyone. You are invited to choose the safety of Dr. Bramanti's clinical expertise unified with the security and assurance of lifelong success. 

If you are seeking clinical excellence and affordability, call today to make a Consultation Appointment to meet Dr. Bramanti. He will greet you warmly and guide you to the best treatment tailored to your lifeplan.

Dr. Thomas E. Bramanti is devoted to helping people achieve complete health, restoring function with natural beauty, and creating a lifetime of wellness. Dr. Bramanti combines distinguished academic experience with breakthrough clinical innovation to provide patients with an extraordinary approach to oral health. Patients say the expert knowledge and clinical excellence he brings to patient care is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced.





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